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VC4 Plus Home Battery Charger Quick Review

VC4 Plus Home Battery Charger Quick Review

  1. Grading mode actually finds the maximum charge a battery can hold. Batteries I thought were wearing out just weren't being charged properly.
  2. Slots are universal for cylindrical batteries so you can put any combination of batteries together in the slots.
  3. Display is bright and after some use becomes easy to decipher.
  1. Reading the manual is basically mandatory. The many modes are not easy to figure out or remember.
  2. The more batteries you put in the lower the maximum charge rate is across all slots. Which will affect the maximum speed at which batteries are charged.
  3. Display has so much going on. Most of it won't be pertinent for everyday charging and you can't change that.
Overall, I highly recommend this charger. It has a relatively steeper learning curve but the benefit of actually seeing your batteries get to their maximum charge is invaluable. Using a charger like this ensures that you get the most out of them. The price isn't terrible especially if it ends up saving you from tossing batteries you thought were dead as was my case. 
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